We breed spanish horses

Since 1997

From the first day, we have been very strict when selecting our mares and stallions, studying the virtues and defects of each one in order to improve our offspring. The indispensable qualities that we have sought in our foundation stock have been three gaits of great quality, good temperament and willingness to cooperate. Yeguada Susaeta was founded in 1997, always raising foals with aptitude for dressage, without giving great importance to colour

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Our main Spanish stallion, OFICIAL XXIX (155 children), has been the foundation stallion of our stud and the base of what is today our livestock. He has passed on his excellent movements, height (1.74 m/17.1hh), strength and unbeatable character. Most of our mares are daughters or granddaughters of him.


Without doubt two of the most important grandchildren of Oficial XXIX, are QU DE SUSAETA and POETA DE SUSAETA. The latter has already represented Spain in the World Championship of Young Horses on two occasions, 2017 and 2018, as well as being awarded PRE World Champion in SICAB, in dressage in 2016 and 2017. Without a doubt, they are the present and the future of our livestock.

Poeta de Susaeta

    Our black pearl

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POETA DE SUSAETA is a stallion that impresses with his presence, his look, his temperament as well as his expressive and rhythmic movements, always uphill.


It is, without a doubt, a great reward that we have bred a stallion that has everything, after so many years of selection.


Poeta has a good head, an exceptional temperament, great strength, incredible beauty, excellent movements and impressive elevation … 

Verso de Susaeta

    Our black pearl

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VERSO DE SUSAETA, Its elegance is combined with great movements and an expressiveness that distinguishes it.


It is solid and strong, with a large head. His exceptional temperament completes his profile, making him stand out as an outstanding stallion.

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