Learn more about our stud farm

Facilities and views

Our livestock is located in a privileged place from where you can see the city of Madrid and its Sierra.


We have 38 boxes, 2 parideras, an outdoor riding arena of 60×20 m., A covered riding arena of 40×20 m., Automatic walker, round manege, automatic feeding system of the mares.

Births of our mares

We monitor very closely the mares that will give birth to help them.


We weigh and measure all of our foals when they are born.


We take colostrum from many of our mares after calving and freeze it to use it if necessary.


We compete with our foals and fillies nationally, internationally, in the selection tests for young horses and Ancce Cup.

Activities of the livestock

Before spring arrives, every year, we mark the foals born in the previous season with our iron.


From the month of March we started to cover our mares analyzing their virtues and defects to use the stallion that is most suitable.