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Sultan de Susaeta

Sired by Doblon-TR

Date of birth: 22-04-2015
Height: 1.76 m.
Color: Gray
Price: F

Gender: Stallion


Virgin stallion , 7 years old, sired by our elite stallion DOBLON-TR. Sultan’s height is 1.76 m., he has 3 excellent gaits and a lovely temperament.


He was championship at the World P.R.E. Ancce Cup at 4 yo, having obtained a score of 9.5 in canter by an international judge and he was reserve champion at 5 yo at the same competition the following year.

    Our Spanish purebred foals are the result of a careful breeding program in which their parents were selected for their qualities for dressage and it was studied that the two would complement each other as much as possible.

    They are trained by professional riders who achieve impressive results in a very short period of time thanks to their excellent work and their daily constancy.

    All our Spanish colts have excellent movements and unbeatable temperament, surrendering one hundred percent and also demonstrate great ease to ride and handle by any amateur rider, as well as can meet the expectations of the professional rider.

    We have divided our Spanish Horses / Colts into different price categories so you can more easily choose one that suits your budget and objectives. All prices are indicated in Euros.

    Price range
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    C: 10.000 - 15.000€
    D: 15.000 - 20.000€
    E: 20.000 - 30.000€
    F: More than 30.000€